Combining Cosmetic Injectables for Comprehensive Results

Aug 05, 2021

Combining Cosmetic Injectables for Comprehensive Results

On their own, cosmetic injectables like Botox® and fillers can do a lot to address common skin concerns like wrinkles, lines, volume loss, or sagging. What many people don’t realize, however, is when combined, cosmetic injectables become super powerful!

On their own, cosmetic injectables like Botox® and fillers can do a lot to address common skin concerns like wrinkles, lines, volume loss, or sagging. What many people don’t realize, however, is when combined, cosmetic injectables become super powerful!

At Medical Aesthetics & Laser, we are proud to be a premier provider of cosmetic injectables in North Houston. The clients who visit our office in The Woodlands enjoy a range of the best injectables on the market. Our expert injectors have extensive experience and training on the latest techniques.

The best part about working with skin and beauty experts? You don’t have to know the intricacies of how much injectable to put where—just tell us about your goals, like improving your contours or defining your lips, and we’ll create the perfect cosmetic injectable treatment plan for you.

Keep reading to learn more about how we combine injectables for clients in North Houston.


When we speak about cosmetic injectables, we refer to products placed in the face or body via a thin needle from a highly trained injection specialist.

At Medical Aesthetics & Laser, we take care to ensure all the injectables we offer are FDA-approved and the best on the market.


Injectable neurotoxins or neuromodulators, like Botox, work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscles that contract with common facial expressions (e.g. laughing, squinting) to minimize dynamic wrinkles and lines.

When clients schedule a consultation and tell us they feel frustrated with wrinkles between their brows, crow’s feet around their eyes, or horizontal wrinkles on their forehead, we make a note to include Botox in their customized injectable plan.

We can also use Botox to:

  • Soften & smooth lip lines
  • Minimize “bunny lines” on the nose
  • Address vertical neck bands (platysmal bands)
  • Correct chin dimpling (“pebble chin”)
  • Perform a “lip flip”

Botox injections are not a permanent solution. Depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the Botox, the effects will last 3 to 5 months. You will need more injections when the neurotoxin wears off and your relaxed muscles resume movement.



Dermal fillers are gel-like substances, usually made of hyaluronic acid (HA), that we inject below the surface of the skin to provide volume and support, smooth out and plump fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance the face’s natural contours.

At Medical Aesthetics & Laser, our injectors offer HA fillers from the Juvéderm® family, including Juvéderm XC, Juvéderm Volbella® XC, Juvéderm Vollure™ XC, and Juvéderm Voluma™ XC.

Clients concerned with the following are usually great candidates for fillers:

  • Facial asymmetry
  • Mid-face volume loss or hollows
  • Undefined cheekbones
  • Frown lines or creases
  • Moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Pitted scars (usually from acne)
  • Thin or asymmetrical lips
  • Undefined or weak jaw/chin

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With proper skin care habits, like wearing sunscreen daily, our clients can expect the results of their filler injections to last 6 to 12 months, depending on how much product we inject and how quickly their body metabolizes it.


Radiesse is an injectable filler that offers similar benefits to Juvéderm’s hyaluronic acid fillers for our North Houston clients. The key difference between the two lies in their formulas.

Rather than using HA, Radiesse is a thicker, firmer gel that contains calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. We call CaHA biocompatible since it’s already found in your bones—your body recognizes it and it poses no allergy risk (just like HA!).

Our expertly trained injectors place Radiesse directly over bone, especially in the cheeks and jawline, to lift, contour, and define. We use Radiesse for super precise placement—thanks to its thick formula, it’s less likely to move to other areas of the face.

Radiesse is also especially useful for rejuvenating the appearance of aging hands. We strategically place the injections to fill in volume loss, making the hands appear smoother and more youthful.

Thanks to the active ingredient in Radiesse, CaHA, this filler can actually last up to 18 months! As your body breaks down Radiesse, the CaHA microspheres stimulate collagen production in your skin, promoting dermal remodeling that stays behind after the filler gel has been absorbed. This is what gives Radiesse its amazing long-lasting abilities!


Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment which uses a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid (a substance found in your digestive system) to kill fat cells in the submental area and help our clients reduce or eliminate a double chin.

Excess submental fat, or double chins, can result from aging, weight fluctuations, or even genetics. Many find that a double chin is difficult (if not impossible) to eliminate with diet and exercise. Kybella is an amazing non-surgical solution that helps patients achieve a much more flattering profile after a series of 3 to 6 treatments.

When injected below the chin, Kybella directly targets stubborn fat deposits that give you a double chin.

The best candidates for Kybella are healthy adults with moderate-to-severe fat beneath the chin. You should avoid Kybella if you have trouble swallowing, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have an infection near the injection site.

You can see Kybella results over the course of 6 to 8 weeks post-injection. We space your appointments for Kybella 5 to 6 weeks apart, and you can expect to receive at least 2 treatments before seeing the full results of the injections.

With 12 to 20 injections per visit, patients can see results that last for years, with little to no need for touch-up treatments. When we eliminate the fat cells, they will not return. However, the fat cells that remain can still expand with weight gain, so it is important to keep up a healthy diet and exercise routine following Kybella injections.



All these cosmetic injectables provide great benefits on their own, but when you combine them, we can deliver personalized results that can refresh or enhance your appearance.

Find out our clients’ favorite benefits of combining their cosmetic injectables below!

Addresses multiple concerns at once

If you’re concerned about the visible signs of aging appearing on your skin or you want to enhance and define areas of your face and neck, it’s likely that you have more than one complaint.

For example, if you come to our North Houston office to treat “11s” lines between your brows, an undefined jawline, and neck bands, our injectors will create a customized plan that combines several cosmetic injectables to address all your concerns in one fell swoop!

Customizable approach

The quality of the results of your injections are only as good as your injector. Lucky for you, our injectors have the experience necessary to know the precise product, amount, and placement of cosmetic injectables that will both deliver the results you’re after and compliment your features perfectly.

Delivering customized results suited to your features is where the skill of your injector really shines.

Longer-lasting results

There are a few great reasons combining cosmetic injectables produces long-lasting results. First, dermal fillers tend to break down more easily around areas where repetitive movement occurs, like your eyes, brow, and mouth. Obviously, you can see why Botox can help fillers maintain their integrity longer.

Our customized approach to injectables also allows us to recommend collagen stimulating fillers like Radiesse where appropriate, knowing that we can encourage your skin to rebuild its collagen foundation.


Now that you know each of our available cosmetic injectables in North Houston, it’s easy to understand the many combination treatments we can perform to meet our clients’ goals.


If you want to achieve a sharper jaw or stronger chin, we can take a variety of approaches to accomplish this. After studying your unique anatomy and going over your goals, our injectors will create a customized injectables plan that might include HA fillers, Radiesse, and/or Kybella.

When we strategically enhance certain areas of your anatomy with cosmetic injectables, the results can be as dramatic or subtle as you prefer! Our clients leave our office in North Houston after chin or jaw fillers with a stunning new appearance. Men enjoy creating a more square jawline with a strong chin, and women want to contour their neck and emphasize their sharper features.



While makeup tricks can help your cheeks appear more lifted and contoured, all bets are off when your skin is bare. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to the naturally lifted, defined cheekbones you work so hard to create in the mirror?

Thanks to their expertise, our injectors can strategically place fillers, Botox, and/or Radiesse to make your cheekbones pop and help you put down the palette. Adding this balance and volume to the midface makes you appear years younger, corrects jowls, and can make you appear less “hollow” or exhausted.


Hollow, dark under eye areas can affect the overall appearance of the face, making you look tired or older than you really are. Dark under eye shadows and puffy “bags” are often the result of genetics, and even the most luxurious eye creams are powerless to fight them.

Tear trough correction with under eye fillers is an amazing solution for a tired and aged appearance. Then, we may add Botox around the eyes to address crow’s feet. After a quick, in-office injection appointment, clients leave looking better rested and more youthful than ever! Thanks to the synergistic effects of Botox and fillers, your eye area can look rejuvenated for up to 12 months before repeat injections become necessary.


Have you heard of the Botox “lip flip?” To perform one, our injectors precisely place a few units of Botox along the upper lip muscle, near the border, to relax and “flip” the lip to make more of the upper lip visible. This creates a fuller, plumper, but natural-appearing upper lip.

Then, if we need to balance the shape or you want to plump your lips, we can do so with Juvéderm HA fillers. We can also use Botox and fillers around the mouth to smooth smoker’s lines, soften nasolabial folds, correct a downturned mouth, and more.

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One of the first parts of your body to show signs of aging are your hands. This is because when the collagen in your hands breaks down, even in tiny amounts, your hand’s appearance shows it. Why? The hands do not contain enough of a fat layer to support the skin without collagen.

At Medical Aesthetics & Laser, we have experience in injecting Radiesse, an FDA-approved treatment for aging hands, and HA fillers into the back of hands to restore a youthful plumpness. As you already know, the CaHA in Radiesse ensures that even after the filler gets absorbed, its effects can be seen via the collagen production it encourages.


Although we seem to focus on forehead lines and crow’s feet to improve facial beauty, those pesky neck lines can easily give away your age if neglected. Additionally, stubborn fat deposits can accumulate in this area over the years and make you appear heavier than you are. Many of our clients come to us looking for a non-surgical solution to regain a sleek and smooth neck.

With the power of Botox injections to relax wrinkle-causing neck muscles; fillers to lift lax skin, restore volume, and define the chin and jawline; and Kybella to eliminate unwanted fat, we can transform your neck and profile appearance.



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In addition to our highly trained providers, we also invest vast amounts of time, energy, and money in continuing education to ensure we offer the best aesthetic client care possible with the latest technology.

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