Give Them What They Really Want: A Med Spa Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 23, 2020

Med Spa Holiday Gift Guide

We’ll skip the over-used sentiments and just say what we all know: 2020 has been rough. The stress and uncertainty has taken a toll on all of us. In times like these, taking the time to stop and relax or pamper yourself can make a world of difference...

We’ll skip the over-used sentiments and just say what we all know: 2020 has been rough. The stress and uncertainty has taken a toll on all of us. In times like these, taking the time to stop and relax or pamper yourself can make a world of difference for your mental health.

Though you can’t see stress or anxiety, it sometimes manifests in physical ways. You may feel more aches and pains, notice rapid weight gain or loss, have trouble sleeping, and even experience acne or new wrinkles and lines on your face.

To show those you love that you really care, the team of skin and body sculpting experts at Medical Aesthetics & Laser in The Woodlands have put together gift ideas below for those you want to help feel extra special this holiday season.


If you’ve visited Medical Aesthetics & Laser, you know we have an amazing selection of professional skincare products that can help anyone of any age achieve their skincare goals—especially between visits to our office in The Woodlands.

While you can’t go too wrong with any of the products we offer, we’ll break down a few of our favorite professional skincare products to give as gifts!

Gifts for Her

You can never go wrong with SkinMedica® for a lovely lady in your life. SkinMedica’s professional products are scientifically formulated and clinically tested to rejuvenate skin and help rekindle the skin’s youthful appearance, making it perfect for anyone that’s after healthier, younger-looking skin.

Good news: you can shop our entire SkinMedica store online!

Our favorites for holiday gifts include:

Procedure 360 System
This 5-product system helps improve and maximize the results of any in-office treatments (like microneedling or laser resurfacing) with a gentle cleanser, repair complex, TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream™, Daily SPF 35 broad-spectrum sunscreen, and SkinMedica’s specialized restorative ointment.

TNS® Advanced+ Serum
The already amazing TNS Serum has developed into the brand-new TNS Advanced+ Serum! This next-generation skin rejuvenating formula improves the appearance of coarse wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, and texture.

Everyday Essentials System
Take the TNS Advanced+ Serum a bit further with the complete Everyday Essentials System! This comprehensive collection of daily must-haves promotes more youthful-looking skin. The system also includes the only growth factor product proven to address sagging skin.

We aren’t limited to SkinMedica at our office! You can call or visit us to shop other great gifts from brands like:

  • Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup
  • Neocutis
  • ALASTIN Skincare
  • GrandeLASH Lash Enhancing Serum
  • SkinCeuticals
  • Obaji

Gifts for Him

Healthy skin is absolutely not just for the ladies! Many men come to the Medical Aesthetics & Laser office for Botox®, fillers, and other professional skincare and treatments!

If you want to encourage your partner, brother, or any other guy in your life to take care of his skin, we have some great ideas for you!

Total Defense + Repair Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 34
It’s 2020. With all the knowledge we have about the dangers of the sun, there’s no excuse not to wear sunscreen every day! Sun exposure causes premature aging, brown spots, and even cancer The SkinMedia Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen provides the sun protection that’s needed and contains skin-loving ingredients that support the skin’s ability to heal itself.

SkinMedica Minis Collection
This is the perfect gift for someone new to skincare. This 6-product system contains all the essential SkinMedica products anyone needs to get started. There’s 2 facial cleansers, LUMIVIVE™ Day Damage Defense and Night Revitalize Repair Serums, an HA⁵ Rejuvenating Hydrator, and the Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen.

Neocutis Cleanser
Cleansing is the foundation of every healthy skincare regimen. Neocutis offers two perfect cleansers: the NEO CLEANSE Exfoliating Cleanser and the NEO CLEANSE Gentle Skin Cleanser. With once or twice weekly exfoliations and the gentle cleansing the rest of the time, he’ll notice perfectly balanced skin in no time!

If you’re not sure what exactly he needs, come on into our office! We’ll help you find the perfect gifts.

Gifts for Teens

If you have (or have had) a teenager, you know they can be a little difficult to buy for. Skincare products make the perfect gifts, however, since many teens are just realizing they need to adopt a skincare regimen to treat adolescent acne and ensure they form healthy skincare habits for life.

You can always give them a Medical Aesthetics & Laser gift card to pick out their own goodies, but if you prefer a more personal touch, we have some suggestions.

SkinMedica Purifying Foaming Wash
This professional-grade acne treatment cleanser helps treat current breakouts and even works to prevent new ones! The formula contains 2% salicylic acid and other skin-refreshing ingredients to help your teen feel confident in their skin.

Neocutis Micro Gel Moisturizer
Typically, excess oils on the face clogs pores and causes acne. This does not mean that those with oily skin shouldn’t moisturize, however! Neocutis’s Micro Gel Moisturizer is the perfect formulation to soothe skin and keep it moisturized without contributing to breakouts.

A professional skin consultation with the experts at MAL
If your teen is serious about getting serious with their skincare routine, or they have persistent acne that over-the-counter products have yet to heal, bring them to our office for a consultation!

We can perform a thorough evaluation, discuss the importance of good skincare habits, and make expert treatment and product recommendations to get them started on the right track.

What to expect from a skincare specialist→


If skincare products aren’t what you’re after, it’s also an amazing idea (and very easy) to gift one of our med spa treatments or a gift card! Just give us a call at 281-419-2220 and we can help you get all set up!

If you’re unfamiliar with the medical aesthetics world, it can be difficult to understand all the different treatments available. Lucky for you, we’ve broken several down for you and who they might be best for below.


Using our state-of-the-art SkinPen, we “stamp” the skin with tiny sterile needles. Not only does this technique stimulate collagen production deep in the skin, it also treats fine lines, acne scars, and uneven skin tone and texture.

Microneedling offers both long term and short-term effects, delivering brighter, smoother skin in just a day or two and long-term collagen-building benefits that can be seen for months.

Who is it best for?
We recommend microneedling to those who are looking to tighten up their skin, fade scars or stretch marks, or have superficial sun damage they want to treat.


The multi-step HydraFacial treatment is the perfect post-holiday chaos pick-me-up. It cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and replenishes skin, leaving hydrated, plumped, and brighter skin behind. Steal this holiday gift idea and then sit back and enjoy the thanks and praise you’ll receive in return.

Who is it best for?
HydraFacials are perfect for all skin types. Trust us, there is no one who would not enjoy 30 to 40 minutes relaxing in our office to get healthier skin.


While this may be a gift best given to a close friend or family member who’s specifically asked for it, we think CoolSculpting is the perfect way to help someone feel their most confident. Whether it’s your friend who hates her double chin or your mom who wishes she felt better in swimwear, CoolSculpting can help them freeze away their troubles without surgery or downtime!

Who is it best for?
Healthy adults with stubborn pockets of diet or exercise-resistant fat under the chin or on the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or flanks are ideal candidates for CoolSculpting treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Give the gift of smooth, hairless skin to anyone you know would appreciate it. You can purchase a series of laser hair removal treatments to give as a gift to your loved ones that will last them well beyond the holiday season.

We use gentle laser energy to permanently destroy hair follicles anywhere on the body where less hair is desired, including the legs, abdomen, underarms, or face. This treatment is considered extremely safe and effective and is even one of RealSelf’s “Most Worth It” treatments!

Who is it best for?
Healthy adults who complain about shaving, tweezing, or waxing their unwanted hair would love laser hair removal at Medical Aesthetics & Laser!


If one of your lucky gift recipients has a big event coming up, like a wedding, a Photofacial with our skin specialists is an ahh-mazing gift! Using Sciton’s Forever Young BBL™ device, we deliver pulses of healing broadband light to the skin, targeting and eliminating imperfections like sun damage, lines & wrinkles, rosacea, enlarged pores, acne scars, and more!

The Lowdown on Photorejuvenation→

Who is it best for?
Healthy adults with light to medium skin tones who have sun damage, redness, or any of the other mentioned concerns would benefit greatly from Photofacial treatments!

Forever Clear BBL

If you want to go a step further than professional skincare and help a teen struggling with acne or an adult suffering stress acne, Forever Clear BBL™ is the perfect treatment! Similarly to Forever Young BBL, Forever Clear BBL delivers pulses of broadband light energy to the skin. However, this light is unique to treating acne-prone skin. The light kills bacteria associated with current breakouts and prevents new ones from emerging. Plus, it helps heal scars left behind by acne as well!

Who is it best for?
Anyone experiencing cystic acne, hormonal acne, adolescent or adult acne, blackheads, redness, and more can benefit from Forever Clear BBL treatments.


Some may misconstrue self-care as being selfish, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When we take the time to take care of ourselves, we feel better and can pass those good spirits on to others in our lives. In fact, those with self-care routines manage their stress better, feel less anxious or depressed, relieve their aches and pains, and other amazing benefits.

This holiday season, consider helping others help themselves with med spa gifts from your friends at Medical Aesthetics & Laser! Plus, we encourage you to not forget yourself! Stay tuned to our December specials and take advantage of opportunities to treat others while also earning a little extra for yourself

Come to our office (don’t forget your mask!) or call us at (281) 419-2220 and we’ll help you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list!