The Many Benefits of Microneedling. Why Celebrities Love it and so Will You

Aug 01, 2022

The Many Benefits of Microneedling. Why Celebrities Love it and so Will You

Microneedling stimulates the skin's self-repair process by creating micro punctures in the skin. And the best part is it works for all skin types and tones. Now you can enjoy smoother, brighter, more youthful skin.

Microneedling is a highly sought-after skin treatment, and for good reason. It rapidly rejuvenates the skin, restoring smoother, clearer, more radiant skin. The process involves rolling a wand with very tiny needles to create micro-wounds in the skin. These very small pricks stimulate the body to release powerful healing factors to help reverse skin damage.

After a single treatment, microneedling helps restore your skin’s youthful glow and continues to improve the appearance of your skin for several months. 

The providers at Medical Aesthetics & Laser in The Woodlands, Texas, are excited to offer a range of aesthetic treatments, including microneedling, to help you look and feel your best. There are many advantages to choosing microneedling. Let’s discuss some of the top reasons our clients love this treatment. 

Combats aging

As skin ages, wrinkles start to form, dark spots crop up, and skin becomes dry, dull, and saggy.

Laugh lines around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, and fine lines on the skin are all common signs of aging. Microneedling harnesses the body’s ability to heal itself by creating tiny wounds. In response, the body produces new, healthy skin, which eases the appearance of wrinkles and helps you reclaim a youthful glow.

Enhances collagen production

Collagen helps keep skin plump and youthful. As the skin's main structural protein, collagen is well-known for its ability to rejuvenate and improve the health of your skin.

Microneedling is very effective at stimulating the production of collagen. Because of this, microneedling has become one of the most recommended nonsurgical facial treatments to combat aging. It's so potent that it may slow the skin's aging process and prevent new wrinkles and fine lines from forming.

Minimizes the appearance of scars

Microneedling treatments can help reduce the appearance of scars to give your skin a smoother, more even tone. Whether you're still carrying the scars of teenage acne or are having issues with other types of scarring, microneedling can help restore clearer skin.

Fades dark spots

There are numerous causes of hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Wounds, inflammation, sunspots, and other factors can contribute to hyperpigmentation. However, one of the advantages of microneedling is that it can help fade dark spots on your skin.

This is due, in large part, because microneedling helps spur the production of collagen and other essential proteins. Many clients notice a more even skin tone after just a few sessions. 

Shrinks blackheads

Blackheads form when pores become clogged with sebum, a natural skin lubricant and conditioner. Microneedling breaks up the sebum plugs, effectively unclogging pores. As a result, pores shrink, and your skin looks smoother and more youthful. 

Restores radiance to your skin

Microneedling is a major skin rejuvenator. As you get older, your body produces less elastin and collagen. These two proteins are essential for the health, elasticity, and radiance of your skin.

Microneedling can help restore your skin so that it regains and retains its natural radiance. 

Enhances absorption of topical products

Your skin absorbs only a small percentage of serums. One of the most impressive advantages of using microneedling is its ability to enhance skin absorption.

Microneedling improves the absorption of ointments, creams, lotions, and serums. This can help make your skin regimen more effective.

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