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Revitalize And Heal Your Skin In A Natural Way

SkinPen stimulates your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin for healthier, younger-looking skin.

SkinPen accelerates this repair process by creating microscopic channels, which also allow products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. New collagen and elastin production can reduce sun damage spots, improve acne scars and enhance the overall appearance of aging skin.

Get radiant skin with SkinPen Precision

Medical Aesthetics and LaserSkinPen Precision, or micro needling, is a unique hand-held device that uses an automatic spring-loaded disposable needle with a vibrating stamp-like motion that creates tiny micro-needle holes in your skin. This procedure naturally stimulates the production of collagen with minimal epidermal damage or trauma. Disposable one-time needle cartridges mean no risk for cross-contamination and patient safety.

Microneedling offers an alternative to Profractional laser skin resurfacing with a shorter recovery period but may require additional treatments for optimal results. Microneedling has an additional advantage by acting as a “dermal infusion device” by topically delivering medical-grade skin care products directly into the dermis through micro channels to accelerate the healing process and promote collagen development.

Benefits of SkinPen Precision:


Micro-needling technology creates efficient results in a time efficient manner for each patient’s procedure. The rapid pen motion provides a more comfortable experience for our patients. Some would describe the treatment as sensation similar to mild-sandpaper.


We understand what the skin needs and requirements are different for every person walking into our door. Microneedling’s variable depth feature allows our professionals to customize every treatment for the best results for our patients.


The safety and control technology of Microneedling leads to predictable and consistent results. Medical Aesthetics and Laser’s microneedling treatments can deliver reliable and improved outcomes for any skin condition or requirement.

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